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Zildjian + DW Zildjian K Cymbal Set - 14/16/20 inch - with Free 18 inch Dark Crash Bundle with DW DWCP5700 5000 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

$1279.94 $ 99
SKU : 55338531 Category : Cymbals

Zildjian's K Series Pack cymbal package adds the classic sound of K Series cymbals to your kit! The K Zildjian Pack includes a 14" K HiHat pair a 16" K Dark Thin Crash and a great-sounding 20" K Ride. Plus Zildjian sweetens the deal with a free 18" K Series Dark Crash! The cymbals in the K Zildjian Pack give you deep shimmering sounds that work incredibly well for a wide vareity of styles.

Additional Information
Brand Zildjian + DW
Model K0800=1 DWCP5700=1
Categories Cymbal Packs
Year 2022