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Zildjian 20" K Custom Ride Cymbal Cymbals

$200 $ 99
SKU : 55625609 Category : Cymbals

This is a 20" Zildjian K Custom ride, used but in good condition. The logos have worn off quite a bit but it is in great shape and sounds amazing! No cracks or warping or any other type of damage, just the normal wear & tear that a rock n roll cymbal takes during it's life. This cymbal has a beautiful, clear bell sound and really cuts through loud music. I love this cymbal... but I just got a whole new set! so I hope this cymbal will find a happy home where it can play music and make some drummer's life better.

Additional Information
Brand Zildjian
Model 20" K Custom Ride Cymbal
Finish Brilliant
Categories Ride
Year 1988 - Present
Made In United States
Diameter 20"