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Zildjian 14" Amir Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair) Cymbals

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SKU : 55802520 Category : Drums and Percussion

This is a pair of Zildjian's original Amir Hi-Hat cymbals, 14" in very good condition.  No cracks, flea bites or key holing on either cymbal.  This is a medium weight pair of hats for general use.  These are upcast cymbals Zildjian created as a lower cost line, but discontinued these (replaced with Amir II series) as many people were buying these instead of their more expensive cast cymbals.   Sound a great deal like Paiste's pro lines of the time.  Great, controlled hi-hat cymbals for studio especially.

Minor discoloration/wear on top cymbal (see first pic).  No damage, however.

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Additional Information
Brand Zildjian
Model 14" Amir Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair)
Finish Traditional
Categories Hi-Hats
Year 1980s
Made In United States