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Zildjian 10 inch A Zildjian Splash Cymbal (2-pack) Bundle

$289.9 $ 99
SKU : 55323610 Category : Drums and Percussion

The Zildjian A Zildjian Series 10" Splash cymbal delivers a quick short crash that's ideal for punctuating accents and providing a high-frequency voice for your cymbal set. Cast from Zildjian's secret alloy formula and finished using centuries-old processes the paper-thin A Zildjian Splash fits in a wide variety of musical genres. Played by a who's who of drummers around the world A Zildjian cymbals are the "gold standard" against which all others are compared.

Additional Information
Brand Zildjian
Model A0211=2
Categories Other (Splash, China, etc)
Year 2022