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Spizzichino Crash Ride 17" 2,222g Handmade by Roberto Spizzichino

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17" Crash Ride (2,222g) handmade by Cymbal Master Roberto Spizzichino

We are a high end private recording studio with a large collection of Spizzichino cymbals.  We are selling a few from our collection to fund an ongoing (and expensive) renovation.

Roberto Spizzichino is considered the greatest cymbal artisan in history. Spizzichino cymbals are considered the Stradivarius of the percussion world.  

Spizzichino handmade cymbals in his workshop in San Quirico, Italy and was sought out by legendary drummers from all over the world for the incredible sound of his handmade instruments.  Spizzichino ride cymbals usually sell between $3,000 to $5,000, and hi hats can command prices of $6,000 or more.  It is suggested that since all of his cymbals were handmade, Roberto Spizzichino only made approximately 3500 cymbals in his lifetime.

According to Spizzichino cymbal experts, Roberto made very few crash cymbals.  We own several of these ranging from 12" to 18".

The origin of this cymbal: Roberto Spizzichino reputedly only had three cymbalsmiths who studied with him during his lifetime; Matt Nolan, Matt Bettis, and Murat Diril.  It was represented to us when we purchased this cymbal, that it was one of several that "came from a private collection of one of the last Spizzichino's pupils, who spent time with him and had the chance to see these cymbals made."

How does it sound? Defined sound, with a full and round tone

Rarity:  Spizzichino cymbals are very rare, and his crash cymbals are exceptionally rare.  This cymbal is an 17" crash ride, the only 17" Spizzichino cymbal we've ever seen.  It was hand hammered by Spizzichino, and provided to his student.  This is an opportunity to own a very rare cymbal by cymbal master Roberto Spizzichino.

Additional Information
Brand Spizzichino
Model Crash Ride 17" 2,222g Handmade by Roberto Spizzichino
Categories Ride
Made In Italy