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Sabian + Zildjian Sabian 19 inch HHX Omni Crash/Ride Cymbal Bundle with Zildjian Hickory Dip Series Drumsticks - 5A - Wood Tip - Black

$457.48 $ 99
SKU : 55310103 Category : Drums and Percussion

Sabian's game-changing 19" HHX OMNI Cymbal is a crash and a ride. Developed in cooperation with acclaimed Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer the OMNI doesn't give you the sonic compromise you get with other "crash/rides" you may have played. Whether you crash or ride it the OMNI gives you amazing contrast when played on its own or together with other cymbals..

Additional Information
Brand Sabian + Zildjian
Model 119OMX=1 Z5AD=1
Categories Ride
Year 2022