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Sabian + SKB Sabian B8X Performance Cymbal Set - 14/16/20 inch - with Free 18 inch Crash Bundle with SKB 1SKB-CV22W 22" Rolling Cymbal Vault

$594.98 $ 99
SKU : 55780181 Category : Drums and Percussion

Pick up this Sabian B8X Performance Pack and save a bundle on all the cymbals you need! Bright focused and extremely vibrant these Sabian B8X cymbals are great for anything from rock to jazz. This B8X Performance Pack starts off strong with a pair of delightfully expressive 14" hi-hats. A 16" thin crash provides all the punch you need without washing out the sound of the rest of your kit.

Additional Information
Brand Sabian + SKB
Model 45003XG=1 1SKB-CV22W=1
Categories Cymbal Packs
Year 2022