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Sabian 20" pang / china 1985 - 1995 Cymbals

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SKU : 55913616 Category : Drums and Percussion

Hard to find / identify model. It looks more like a pang than a china, with a thinner flatter edge. It sounds amazing, in any case. Crashes beautifully into that classic oriental KAH. Big enough to ride well too, for that accent ride passage.

Definitely not modern, though hard to say how old. My guess isĀ 1985 - 1995.

The edge is in great shape, nothing to mention. The whole has the faintest bit of key-holing, but almost too faint to even call it that. The tiny line by the hole is not a crack, just a scratch, I verified that carefully: it doesn't show on the other side, or in the hole. There's a bit of a stain on the top side, see photos.

20" of deep glorious shimmering sound!

Additional Information
Brand Sabian
Model 20" pang / china
Categories Other (Splash, China, etc)
Year 1985 - 1995
Made In Canada