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Sabian 14" HHX Click Hi-Hat Cymbals PAIR Cymbals

$450 $ 99
SKU : 56034437 Category : Cymbals

Recently received and order and found that the HHX CLICK HATS sounded a lot like another set of hat's I truly adore.  Sticking with what I have and down sizing for now.

  • These have been played for 2 SETS on stage. about 20 songs. Otherwise they are Brand New. 
  • The bottom hat right side as the bell ascends has a circular "scratch". It's been there since these were delivered and I think it's just one of the characteristics of the process. No effect on the cymbal. 
  • NO Keyholes
  • This series is naturally off balanced as to create the desire effect. They are not "warped" as some would call them...it's a part of the design
  • Warm yet crip - dirty and a bit crunchy all the while - not harsh. Similar in some ways and the Complex series.
Love Your  Sabian Please!! Enjoy. 

Additional Information
Brand Sabian
Model 14" HHX Click Hi-Hat (Pair)
Finish Traditional
Categories Other (Splash, China, etc)
Year 2010s
Made In Canada