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Paiste 14 inch RUDE Blast China Cymbal (3-pack) Bundle

$600 $ 99
SKU : 55318791 Category : Cymbals

It's ironic that one of the most musical Chinas we've heard at GearNuts comes from the Paiste Rude series. True to its namesake the 14" Paiste Rude Blast China is explosive and trashy. It works great with blast beats and breakdowns - especially in a stack with a splash. But what surprised us is how well its throaty wash and fast decay work as a traditional crash. The Blast China has a dark pitch but a thin delicate tone that won't hog a mix no matter how how hard or fast you play..

Additional Information
Brand Paiste
Model 1125214=3
Categories Other (Splash, China, etc)
Year 2022