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Paiste 14" Alpha Power Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair) Cymbals

$100 $ 99
SKU : 55622564 Category : Cymbals

This pair of Paiste Alpha 14" Power Hi Hat cymbals have done their share of rocking, but they sound great, they look great, and they still have lots of rock n roll left in them. These cymbals are in good condition, with some signs of wear & tear... but no cracks or warping of any kind. They sound great with a nice "chick" and they rerally cut through, especially for rock or metal. I love these cymbals, the Alphas were a great budget line that gave excellent value and plenty of "bang for your buck". BUT... I just got a new set of cymbals, which is why I am selling these. I want them to find a good home where they will get to keep rocking for the rest of their lives.

Additional Information
Brand Paiste
Model 14" Alpha Power Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair)
Finish Traditional
Categories Hi-Hats
Year 1992 - 2006
Made In Switzerland
Diameter 14"