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Meinl Cymbals + Zildjian Meinl Cymbals 18 inch Byzance Vintage Sand Thin Crash Cymbal Bundle with Zildjian Deluxe Backpack Cymbal Bag 22"

$473.94 $ 99
SKU : 55315710 Category : Drums and Percussion

Favored by drum virtuoso Benny Greb the Meinl 18" Byzance Vintage Sand Thin Crash combines a sandblasted finish with the mellow character of B20 bronze to give you a delightfully dark and trashy sound. It's thin weight means that you won't have to worry about this Vintage Sand crash drowning out or muddying up your kit since it isn't overwhelmingly loud and the sustain is pretty short.

Additional Information
Brand Meinl Cymbals + Zildjian
Model B18SATC=1 ZCB22GIG=1
Categories Crash
Year 2022