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Meinl Cymbals + Vic Firth Meinl Cymbals 14 inch Generation X Filter China Cymbal Bundle with Vic Firth American Classic Drumsticks - 5A - Wood Tip

$130.98 $ 99
SKU : 55305000 Category : Cymbals

The Meinl 14" Generation X Filter China cymbal is such a unique instrument that it created an immediate "You've got to check this out" buzz when it made its debut at GearNuts. The effect is a striking combination of splash-cymbal-like cut and fast decay with the distinctly trashy depth you'd expect from any China cymbal. The waved edge ensures virtually no sustain so you never have to worry about buildup even if you wail away on the Generation X Filter China.

Additional Information
Brand Meinl Cymbals + Vic Firth
Model GX-14FCH=1 5A=1
Categories Other (Splash, China, etc)
Year 2022