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Istanbul Agop Traditional 24" Dark Crash 2240 g Cymbals

$713.9 $ 99
SKU : 55881889 Category : Drums and Percussion

Traditional Series feature many models over various weights with plenty of hammer marks visible beneath the tight deep grooves. Rides open up easy and are pretty versatile, beneath their stick sound lies plenty of silvery and at times fairly complex wash. Crashes open rapidly, the warm note that wells up, is as sweet as it is punchy. Hats are bright, crisp and pleasingly rounded, their response is quick, give positive chick when stepped.

Istanbul Agop cymbals have ONE year warranty against manufacturing flaws, starting from date of the purchase made from Cymbal House which is the authorized dealer of Istanbul Agop.

Additional Information
Brand Istanbul Agop
Model Traditional 24" Dark Crash
Categories Crash