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Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 24" Ride 3060 g with Genuine Leather Bag

$807.95 $ 99
SKU : 55751867 Category : Cymbals

30th Series are true works of art with different variations in massive hammer marks, lathing and color all enhance the sound, they also stand out with hand-shaped rugged-looking bells as their profiles curve gently down. Crashes are exceptionally versatile, produce dark, trashy eruption that subsides to washy undertow and moderate decays. Rides are astonishingly complex and involving, while also not being especially loud, are far from subdued - being suffused with spiky, almost seething tonality, feature woody, silvery stick response and wash that is hissing, churning, oceanic backdrop rolling along restlessly beneath the pulse. Hats are exquisite - physically slight but beautifully voiced and hugely playable, endowed with an intoxicating degree of warmth and responsiveness, produce crisp yet dark and deep, tangy note when closed and opened up, the note broadens then dissolves into a smooth, fuzzy wash. These cymbals are uncannily similar to the vintage Turkish Ks that inspired them. Like their aged counterparts, they are instruments full of character and subtlety.

Istanbul Agop cymbals have ONE year warranty against manufacturing flaws, starting from date of the purchase made from Cymbal House which is the authorized dealer of Istanbul Agop.

Additional Information
Brand Istanbul Agop
Model 24" 30th Anniversary Ride
Finish Traditional
Categories Ride
Year 2010s