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Bosphorus 1600 Era 20" Flat Ride 1840 g Cymbals

$368 $ 99
SKU : 55944742 Category : Drums and Percussion

1600 Era is with pinpoint lathing, lighter in weight and darker in color than 20th Anniversary They are a homage to the Turkish cymbals dating back to the 16th century. Crashes are fast, open up with a full depth of sound and articulation. Rides have old school sound with controlled dark wash, dry articulated stick with medium low pitch. Hi-Hats are dry and tight with sticks and extremely articulate with brushes.

Bosphorus cymbals have TWO years warranty against manufacturing flaws, starting from date of the purchase made from Cymbal House which is the authorized dealer of Bosphorus.

Additional Information
Brand Bosphorus
Model 1600 Era 20" Flat Ride
Categories Ride